Mechelle Armstrong, Business Owner
Award Winning Professional Quilter

Preparing Quilts for Longarm Quilting

Quilt Backing Size


Quilt backing must measure a minimum of 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer than the quilt top.  This will provide the required 4 inches on all sides for loading the quilt onto the frame.  No exceptions, please! This is also a safety issue.

Press Well


Press all seams well.  Pressing your quilt top and backing one final time will be well worth the extra effort.  A well pressed quilt will have a profound impact on how your quilt looks after quilting.

Remove Loose Threads


Remove all loose threads to avoid them showing through the fabric.  Remove all pins, buttons, crystals, embellishments, and non-fabric items.  Quilt tops with 3-D elements will require Custom Quilting..



I prefer to provide batting and offer a variety of types and brands at the best price.  Batting provided by clients must be in the original packaging and measure at least 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer than the quilt top.

Allergy Free


Provide a clean quilt top and backing fabric free of allergens such as pet hair, mildew, smoke odor, and strong fragrance odors.  Quilts containing allergens cannot be accepted.

Colorfast 100% Cotton


High quality 100% cotton fabrics are preferred.  Other types of fabric may prevent an acceptable quality of quilting.  Client is responsible for making sure fabrics are colorfast and will not transfer color onto other fabrics during the quilting process.